20+ ACRES OF LAND WITH 3 BEDROOM 2 BATH HOME..ROOM TO ROAM. Most of the property is fenced, can be used for grazing and pasture or farming. Stable your horses and other livestock. There is plenty of room on the land to build another home, grow fruits and vegetables and the surrounding land to this property includes; nurseries, horse stables and riding areas. There are two outpost buildings on the property that could be used for storage or stables for horses and livestock. This property is located at the end of the road for owner privacy. The possibilities for this farm are endless.


Property Features

  • E05
  • E13
  • E16
  • E23
  • J07
  • M01
  • M05
  • N03
  • N07
  • N10
  • N11
  • N13
  • N18
  • N19
  • O02
  • O32
  • Pets allowed
  • Q02
  • Q06
  • R06
  • S12
  • S49
  • T07
  • T12
  • W09
  • Y01